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November 20, 2018

54 year old Canton runner Dan Dominie added to his growing list of personal adventure runs by completing a 162 mile double crossing of St. Lawrence County on foot in 6 days recently. Averaging 27 miles a day for 6 consecutive days, Dominie ran and walked from a starting point in Ogdensburg on October 5th, proceeded to the Jefferson County border outside of Oxbow by way of Morristown and Hammond, then back across the County to the Franklin County border outside of Rooseveltown via route through Gouverneur, Canton and Norwood before finishing the journey Ogdensburg to Massena on October 10th.

The longest day of foot travel was 47 miles while the shortest day was 13 miles, crossed the Oswegatchie, Grasse, and Raquette Rivers and went through 17 of the County’s 32 townships. Poor weather conditions, which included a number of days and nights of rain and below average temperatures, played a role in the alternate route choice used after original plans calling for an approximate 200 mile journey circumnavigating the County border became to problematic to accommodate.

This self-supported trek in which Dominie either carried all his needs with backpack or purchased them along his route, was aided on three of the days by use of the St. Lawrence County Public Transit System which operates out of Canton by St. Lawrence NYSARC. The bus service allowed Dominie opportunity to be conveniently taxied from his Canton home and then dropped off in remote locations around the County necessary to complete the stages of the trek without otherwise use of a crew. Dominie, describing the bus service as an incredibly inexpensive, useful and fun alternate means of commuting for adventurous pedestrians and bicyclist exploring off the beaten path regions of the North Country and beyond, also used the same County Transit system back in 2017 when he completed the second leg of the first known recorded double crossing of New York State on foot both West to East (281 miles from Buffalo to Albany in five consecutive days aided by crew in 1992) and North to South (271 miles from Massena Intake on the St. Lawrence River to the Pennsylvania border outside Binghamton in eight consecutive days self-supported in 2017). Information on the local Transit system, including routes and schedules, can be found at slcnypublictransit.com.

Dominie publicly speaks on his 45 years of running and racing, including his unique ultra-distance adventure runs. Defining his long distance endeavors as some of the most spiritually holistic and important means of peace and balance in his life, Dominie shares with others his love of running, oself-challenging both physical and mental limits, all while in rediscovering a bygone era of long distance travel by foot in less hurried exploration of our region and local communities. Those interested can contact Dan for more information at 315-379-9290.

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